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Winston-Salem Separation Agreements Attorney

Helping You Through A Difficult Time

The decision to separate or divorce is seldom easy, and the many personal, financial and legal choices that must be considered can only make the process more difficult. It can be challenging to know how to proceed during this time.

For 30 years, attorney Renita Thompkins Linville has been helping individuals in North Carolina make smart decisions during the divorce process to allow them to move on to the next chapter of their lives. At our firm, we understand the anxiety that many people have when they must make important legal decisions. We are here to give experienced and compassionate legal support to people when they need it the most.

Property Division Lawyer For Winston-Salem And Surrounding Communities

Whether you and your spouse have already separated or are contemplating doing so, we can help you make the separation process easier by negotiating with your spouse's lawyer to form a separation agreement.

Separation agreements are legally binding documents that allow couples to agree on issues that frequently come up during the divorce process. By negotiating directly and agreeing on a plan, couples can avoid going to court to have these decisions made by a judge. This can make the divorce process more private and less time-consuming and expensive.

Depending on your situation, we can draft a separation agreement that addresses the following issues:

Separation agreements can be drafted to cover as few or as many details as our clients and their spouses want. They give our clients greater control over the separation process.

Like any other contract, a separation agreement that is willingly signed by both parties will be legally valid, although courts reserve the right to change the terms of child custody or support if it becomes necessary.

Contact Renita Thompkins Linville Today To Discuss Your Legal Needs

By working with Winston-Salem separation agreements lawyer Renita Thompkins Linville to finalize a separation agreement, our clients benefit from a process that is easier and gives them more control over their lives. Contact our office today to arrange a confidential consultation: Call toll free 877-220-9480 or 336-245-9259, or email us.

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