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Winston-Salem Child Support Lawyer

No Case Is Too Small For Our Firm

In any divorce proceeding involving children, child custody and child support disputes are frequently among the most contested and emotional. Parents fighting over what they believe is best for their children can strain relationships and affect families long after a divorce is finalized.

As a parent and grandparent, attorney Renita Thompkins Linville has dedicated her practice to helping our clients through these challenging times. We recognize that representation in these delicate matters should be professional as well as compassionate to the needs of children involved. We are advocates for our clients and their children.

Making Sure Courts Determine Child Support Fairly

If you and your spouse's combined income is $300,000 or less, North Carolina courts will use a standardized formula that is based on four factors:

  • Mother's gross monthly income
  • Father's gross monthly income
  • Children's portion of health care premium
  • Work-related childcare costs

Even though these factors are objective, having a qualified lawyer with you can ensure that the judge has all the information he or she needs to make a decision that is fair to you and your children.

Renita Thompkins Linville can also make child support part of a separation agreement. When you meet with us, we will determine what your options are for getting the support you need to care for your children, or making sure that the support you will pay is fair.

Enforcement Attorney For Winston-Salem And Forsyth County

If you depend on child support payments to adequately provide for your children, you have rights if your former spouse refuses to pay. Penalties for failing to pay child support include suspension of a driver's license, interception of tax refunds and even jail time. We know that it is never easy to pursue these options against your children's other parent, but we will do what is necessary to make sure that your children are taken care of.

Contact Renita Thompkins Linville To Discuss Your Child Support Rights

Whether you are going through a divorce or believe the terms of your child support award need to be changed, Winston-Salem child support attorney Renita Thompkins Linville will stand up for your rights. Email our firm or call toll free 877-220-9480 or 336-245-9259 to discuss your child support and other divorce-related legal needs.

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